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The Urban Reptile Insider is our way of keeping in touch with you! This is an exciting new newsletter that combines valuable breeding and reptile care information with fun insights about life at The Urban Reptile. As a subscriber you will receive our newsletter by e-mail quarterly.

28 What’s Hatching

The first section of the newsletter is called “What’s Hatching”. Here we will share with you some of the interesting projects we are working on plus we will give you updates on our breeding projects and highlight some of our recent hatchlings.

29 The Happy Reptile

It seems a day doesn’t go by that we don’t receive a question on how we raise and house our reptiles. With so many questions out there we decided it would be great to include a section on care tips that we have named “The Happy Reptile”. Here we hope to offer some helpful tips and insights into how we care for and breed our reptiles.

30 A Peak Inside

And finally we thought it would be fun to give you a look behind the scenes in our section titled “A Peak Inside”. A lot of the enjoyment we have every day is from talking or e-mailing with reptile enthusiasts from around the world. We love hearing about the diverse backgrounds and interests of our clients and in return wanted to share a little bit more about ourselves and life at The Urban Reptile.

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