t-positive albino

The T-Positive Albino is a proven recessive trait. The “T” in T-Positive Albino represents tyrosinase, an enzyme required in the synthesis of melanin (dark pigment). T-Positive Albinos have functional tyrosinase enzymes required to synthesize melanin, but they lack a subsequent enzyme required to complete the melanin-synthesis process. Simply put, a T-Positive Albino exhibits darker pigment, giving the animal a very unusual, exotic appearance. In the case of the Central American T-Positive Albino, the oranges and reds are increased within this mutation making for a very beautiful snake.

There are many locality specific T-Positive Albinos in captivity today and it is not known for certain if each of these different localities is compatible with one another. Our colony is comprised of very extreme pure Nicaraguan’s that exhibit exceptional coloration. We are selectively breeding the colony so as to produce outrageously colored examples of this morph.

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